Saturday, August 4, 2007

14 - Over Load feat Colin Whyte (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON), Colin Whyte (Toronto, ON)
Beat by: Colin Whyte (Toronto, ON)

Story Behind It:
I know all about being overloaded. This family affair spawned one of my favourite verses on the album.

Colin Verse 1:
Look at this. I never expected
I would make it this far. Many times rejected,
but you gotta stand up. Put your hands up.
Show the world love, cause it's never enough.
And you don't know what you're gonna be
when you look back at childhood daydreams
I was playin in the yard, wishin on a star,
Singin in the car, Practicin guitar.
And baby, maybe,
we'll get crazy
Are you feelin good?
So let's rock 'em like we said we would.

Chorus Colin 1x:
It's overload.
No one can stop us now.
Lose control.
Don't let them hold you down.
No one can stop us now.
Lose control
No one can hold you down.

Troy Verse 2:
I'm trying to control everything on my plate
Leading to a massive attack. Inner debate.
Over what's number one, what's my priority.
It seems everyone, be seeking my authority
So I turn off my cellphone, no msn
I'm trying to take time to just chill with my friends
The emails pile up and are awaiting answer
Physically fit, but I'm fighting this cancer
What's the chance you're in this for yourself.
I fight for community, for me that's wealth
In spite of stealth, my experience shows
Just tryin to maintain as my plate overloads

Chorus 1x

Troy Verse 3:
Why must I always ensure I've got the facts
Why do I over exert, never relax
It seems to me that the way that we live
Is ultimately rather prohibitive
I've got walls on all four sides,
Blind but think I've got foresights
The heights I reach for, I can't attain
My brain's on all fours, my lifelines drain
I use my computer trying to maintain
I've got a roof and food, so why complain
Step back, re-evaluate
I hate that, no, no, wait
I gotta find a way to so I can think clearer
I've gotta get away from this vicious mirror
Here here Cheer Cheer
Oh Oh Dear Dear
It seems I'm back in my repetitive mode
But what do you expect when my circuits overload

Chorus 2x


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