Saturday, August 4, 2007

12 - Uhhh feat J-Bru & Boz Faramone (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON), J-Bru (Halifax, NS) & Boz Faramone (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Nevski (Charlottetown, PE)

Story Behind It:
I loved the beat. The "Uhhh" sample inspired ideas like Black Rob's "Whoa" or Rhymefest's "Brand New." Two of my favourite upcoming Canadian rap emcees answered my call for guest verses.

Chorus 1x
Brockway Biggs
This is for the ladies getting low like
This is for the guys with a blow like
This is for the cats in the back and those rap up on this track with..
This is for the ladies getting low like
This is for the brothas makin dough like
This is for the cats whose raps are wack sounding just like

Brockway Biggs verse 1:
I dig a girl swinging rackets with that..
Batters swinging and missing every at bat..
For every pitch I ever delivered just to get that K,
You know there had to be a ...
This is for stone masons shinnin' with
This is for the vendors peddlin it
This is for the tribes hittin that drum seein them dance with all that
Now you had to know it was gonna happen eventually
Pimp Tea, Brockway B, movin on up steadily
Creepin up the baseline, leavin ya all inclined, to align my rhyme in mind
To all the diamond miners who ain't legit
To all the parents who don't support their kid
Like to take you out back, behind the shed, give yall a smack and a kick in the head


J-Bru Verse:
You wanna know the reason that Bru don't get played, it's cause
All these thugs keep stepping in the name of love
Nobody wants real music I can face it but
I'm a still make real heads raise it up
If you come to my show you know the bass is pumped
While my boys outside bout to blaze a blunt
And when I step on stage it ain't my place to stunt
I'm here to educate the educated, Jay's the one
Get my money, shit I hate to run
These drunk bitches getting on my nerves 8-to-1
So I call Brockway tell him face it son
"These hoes'll never ever catch me I'm outracing em"
Modern day Malcolm X nigga raise your gun
My weapon is my words, check out how I play with puns
Play's begun, everything I say is for fun
Except I'll never stop rapin till the fakes are done


Boz Faramone Verse 3:
Can I get a minute to spark this?
Yes you guessed it right I'm the Bunker Boy artist,
Grew over the years because my working's the hardest,
Still relevant today cause my tactic's is flawless.
I do this for the kids, to the convicts,
Ain't no way in hell I'ma let you come take this,
My love for the music that is.
Bump this inside of the Rideau Centre, Bayshore Mall, or in your mama's crib.
Got the ingredients and we bakin',
A lil' somethin for the monsters out on the road,
The more cash, the heavier the load.
Customer service fit to explode
Can't do nuttin' but follow the code.
I'm a hustler, I was born with it.
The mind to stack cake, ain't nuttin new to it.
Pimp Tea and B-O-Z our fantasy is ludacris
If you got hot girls and 2 mil you can lend to us



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