Saturday, August 4, 2007

11 - Canada Dry feat Nicole Rushton (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Kevin Sakoda (Brooklyn, NY)

Story Behind It:
I'm gluten-free & lactose-free, so I drink Gingerale.  An ode to Friday nights with Ducats at CKCU & a history lesson.

Chorus Nicole 2x:
It's Canada Dry On Friday Night
Mixin it up However you like

Now for a lesson in history
Used to be bottling soda was a mystery
But you see it was solved back in 1904
John McLaughlin took the soda water he sold in his store
And he mixed it up and came up with a concoction
Soon he had the neighbourhood up and talkin
There'd be no stoppin. No way it could derail
Soon would set sail the sale of his pale ale
Shippin to the states by 1919
There was no way anyone could undermine the
Sweet smooth taste home brew helped leverage
From Canada came tales of this wonderful beverage
I had to pay homage like a hundred years later
In the soda world, this here is the gator,
There's no debate here we got a lot of love
It's Canada Dry and ain't no one above.

Chorus 2x

Ha-HaHa-Woo interlude

It's Friday night, head out to Peaceful Journey,
The show's so deadly it'll leave you in a gurney
Battered and bruised, Ducats on the 1s and 2s
Always amused where Real stashed the booze
Diggin for nickels and dimes, but no pennies
That soda machine be looking oh so friendly
But I don't know why we just can't get along
Scan the selections oh that's just so wrong
They ain't got what I need and what I be cravin'
End up shootin it straight and misbehavin
Then I go out on a limb and check my bag
Thought the chances were slim, but look what I have
Three cans of gingerale piled up oh yeah.
Pass em around to get drunk up oh yeah.
Pop Tsh Pop Tsh Pop Tsh Ahh
Rye or Whiskey, but my favorite's vodka
It's a quarter to nine we're getting into the mix
Emcees bustin rhymes and smokin them sticks
I took the bus so that I could get my fix
Loving life.  Everything just clicks

Chorus 2x


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