Saturday, August 4, 2007

10 - Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix) feat Prentiss Church & D.O. (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON), Prentiss Church (St. Louis, MO) & D.O. (Toronto, ON)
Beat by: Nevski (Charlottetown, PE)

Story Behind It:
Nevski was toying with this beat when Nelly's Pimp Juice reached out. Professir from Nelly's label & DO got down. The day it was finished, Gordie Johnson (of Big Sugar) phoned about using the chorus in a song.

Chorus 2x:
Shake Ya, Shake Ya,
Shake Ya Caboose, Caboose
Get Juiced, Get Juiced,
And just let Loose, let Loose

Brockway Biggs verse 1:
I like it when a girl wears skin tight pants
See a little thong upon 2nd glance
I like it when a big girl shakes it real hard
I know she be shakin it with all her heart
I like it when dude dances really right corny
Posers in the back, they truly do bore me
I like it when kids hop around real fresh
They got the hype, they aint' got no stress
At least that's the way it is in a perfect world
So everyone grab a drink and unfurl
For me it be pimp juice or pimp tea
Pimp juice be the one giving me the energy
To sip pimp tea be simply the sum
Of gingerale, vodka and coconut rum
I moved Ottawa hopin on the O-Train
Movin to the back, but I better refrain
From making all the girls shake their booty caboose
Or I'll be hunting game - Canadian goose

Chorus 2x

Prentiss Church Verse 2:
Say knick knack paddy whack baby can I handle that?
Straddle that, tackle that, woofle back, paddle that
thang Dang that thang is a round one,
loose like a pimp juice, flip it up down one
Booty gets tooted up, beat it back down right
yeah, let me hear you say yeah, if you're player like
Okay, now we're right back where we wanna be
Booty like swish it to the side back front of me
Yessir, Yessir train running booty at the end
Rump centre, bump centre and her rump is a ten time two,
how you expect for me to get around you
Squeeze through sideways back against the wall like...
The girly just made, oh sh-sh-sh..

Chorus 2x

DO Verse 3:
shorty come and get down
shake ya caboose
right down to the ground
make it go round and round
watch 'em go wild
with ya sexy style
ain't askin for a dance
all I'm askin for a chance
whatever the circumstance
shorty got so much ass...
it's about ready to fall out of her pants
And thats what I like..
Gettin down on the dance floor they entire night


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