Saturday, August 4, 2007

08 - Dream Log One (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Psychobeatz (Shelburne, NS)

Story Behind It:
This dream was so beautiful I had to write it down. I fell in love.

Verse 1:
Busy being me
Dreamin vividly

Last night I dreamt of a girl named Kate,
The meaning of which, I don't wanna speculate
Her beauty was such that I can't articulate
The product of a fun night, up a bit too late
For some reason she was staying with my parents
I was awstruck simply by her appearance
A brown shade of skin - she was Indian
From India, I felt like saying "I'm into ya"
Confident, but struggling to trust
She'd lost a husband who fell for lust
She was married early to an army man
At 23 divorced, trying to understand
How their own child, he could now openly condone
Still in womb, so she's left to fend for her own
Her security lost, she's now all alone
But yet free, with love in her flesh & her bone

It's funny how dreams can change to your liking
I approached as a friend, and acted politely
She was dating a guy by the name of Ricardo
Only one mention, she seemed rather impartial
So I gave her my time and we went to the mall,
Bought some new clothes, her belly no longer small,
But yet somehow I forgot, somehow lost
In her eyes and her soul, and how she came across
A kindness, a warmth, that was rather refreshing
Car keys she gave to a friend who was rushing
No regrets, she was just that kind of trusting
The sparks in my heart, I admit were rustling
Regardless, we went out to enjoy a nice dinner
Ran into friends, barely had time to sit together
But there was a warmth, a feeling of connection
As her eyes often fell to lie in my direction
So in short, I awoke feeling quite happy
Having had a dream of such beauty

I can still picture it.
It was beautiful.


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