Saturday, August 4, 2007

07 - Your Vision (SOCAN 2005)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Hotbox (Moncton, NB)
Background vocals: Nicole Rushton

Story Behind It:
3 vantages points on sticking to your vision: (a) Support community (b) Nightly dreams are "fake myths like Seirenes cries." (c) My personal struggle with sticking to my vision. Written on Voodoo's couch in Halifax during a Universal Soul's video shoot.

Verse 1:
I saw a union member on a Broken Record
Sayin hip-hop's watered down like synthetic pepper
And that everyone wants to be some sorta rapper now
Puttin em down, like they're some sorta foreign clown.
What happened to positivity and supporting your own.
Turning your back on community is something I'd never condone.
So anyone who wants to be a rapper, I say try.
But don't get frozen in time like your name be Fry.
Cause the future-rama-fications could be intense
End up stuck whining about yourself in present tense.
So daughter & son, I say stick to your gun
Not literally, but in knowing that your vision is number one.

Chorus 4x:
Stick to your vision now
And don't let no one take you down

Verse 2:
It's hard to believe that we don't stay in touch
Considering how we shared so much tenderness
Now the only time I see you is when I dream
It happens weekly which is far too often for me
Affected, I wake up either sad or rather angry
I feel with my heart, so I dream passionately
It had to end, we broke our hearts, I'm ready to move
But all these dreams jab at my heart right at the break of dawn
Sometimes it's you at the club picking up guys
We say 'hi', but otherwise ignore cause its wise
You seem to be extra flirtatious in my eyes
But these dreams are fake myths like Seirenes cries

Chorus 4x:

Verse 3:
Now it's time to kick some truth like honestly
Some people get stuck and just don't catch onto me
I used to have so much fun back when I first started
I'd get up on stage & dance with my whole heart in
But now I feel slightly beaten & defeated
Like an old wrinkly shirt - forever I am pleated
This is rather hard cause I always try to stay positive
But I felt it was time to share with you my own prerogative.
So to everyone out there making music,
It can be a struggle, Just stay true to yourself.

Chorus 4x


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