Thursday, August 9, 2007

02 - Heretics Heritage Intro (SOCAN 2007)

yrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Loc Dog (Saint John, NB)
Cuts by: DJ STV (Fredericton, NB), DJ Ducats (Ottawa, ON) & Skratch Bastid (Montreal, QC)

Story Behind It:
I visited Loc Dog in Saint John for New Years 06/07, and killed some time by checking his beats.  I came across this and knew it was fire.  I grabbed in-your-face snippets from my rhymebook, and asked my 3 closest DJ friends to do cuts.

Verse 1:
It seems Some people wanna sleep on me
But I'm fighting back like Scorsese
People telling me to quit cause they hate
I got more desire than Lupe's to skate
Solutions out the box stronger than Fort Knox
Like my name was IBM, not Microsoft
The flap of your lips be fluttering like flocks
I'm on the real, you deal with Zerox

Cuts by DJ STV

Verse 2:
I get so many questions I can barely handle it
Like "Dude, how do I do artist management"
Really I don't know what I'm supposed to say
Go check the resources up on my page
My wisdom lies within my mind's eye
Thoughts like sparks from a firefly
My brain fires on higher cylinders than most
I deliver daily like Canada Post

Cuts by DJ Ducats

Verse 3:
Yeah, I got 2 degrees coming out of college
But I don't pride myself on spittin knowledge
I acknowledge those with wisdom and involve 'em
Instilled with the skills to solve a real problem
Some organizations want me to be their puppet
But I can't conform and my true fans love it
Those who are unique and dare to be free
Are gonna face hate - that's reality

Cuts by Skratch Bastid

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

03 - Pinch Hitter (SOCAN 2005)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Sean One (Fredericton, NB)

Story Behind it: 
Written in 2005 after my beloved Red Sox won the World Series, I won an ECMA, and I started my marketing-and-promotion company.  Shiggy came with the beat.  This originally went on Loc Dog’s 40s & 9s compilation.  In Loc Dog's studio, I was struggling with the words in my chorus, then Mick D stepped up with a suggestion that stuck.

Verse 1:
While you're stuck sitting at home being rather bitter
I'm hitting a home run yeah as the pinch hitter
Cause I was never pegged to be no superstar
But I come through in the clutch, unlike Nomar
So far, I'm not sad to say that you got traded
Bitter with envy, so you know that you got hated
And I'm elated at the faces who done seen me through
a WS, an ECMA, can you add 2 + 2.
Yeah, it's been a good year as a Red Sox fan
And doing my pimping thing riding my mom's mini-van
I'm doin publicity now, oh have you heard,
Poppin off with Skratch Bastid and Grafenberg
Sean One, Jorun and of course First Words
#5 on Chart Attack, now that's absurd
And Hand Solo be burgling all them words
While Cock Dynamics has Buck's vision blurred.
And of course I be steppin with a touch of Class
I do it all for the love, why even bother to ask?

Chorus 2x:
In everything that I do, the people be like...
And everywhere that I go, the people be like...
In everything that I do, the people be like...
The people be like, the people be like...

Verse 2:
I'm on cloud nine like the 04 Red Sox
Won the world series, smooth like botox
Like myself overcomin the biggest of odds
The haters flapping their arms just like A-Rods
Changing the game, by knocking some balls loose
If that's the game, I'd just rather shake my caboose
Cause I don't wanna fall off just like Choclair,
Not trying to diss, but they just weren't prepared.
He was my idol
Right now everyone be wanting a piece of me
Like the guy who won 70 times on jeopardy
But I'm not one known to spread myself out too thin
Or I might end up like 50 said on 'Many Many Men'
I'd rather enrich, than try to get rich
Forget dying, positivity be my pitch
While you're keeping it real, I'm busy bein' myself
Cause in the end, that's wherein lies the wealth

Chorus 2x

In Everything I do
And Everywhere I go
Oh, Oh

Monday, August 6, 2007

04 - Clap Your Hands (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Rob Banks (Charlottetown, PE)

Story Behind It:
I've gotten tired of dealing with lazy & bitter people. So this is a cocky, in your face, battle-laced song.
I had this chorus in my head since 2005 - actually it was spawned during a train trip to Toronto on my way to the Urban Music Association of Canada awards show (where I was nominated)... when I shared it with my brother & Art upon arriving at the train station, they both gave me weird looks like I was crazy... haha... but when Rob Banks hit me with this beat it worked perfect, so now yall know.

Chorus 2x:
If you're lazy & your bitter, clap your hands
If you're lazy & your bitter, clap your hands
If you're lazy & your bitter, and you need a babysitter,
don't call me up to meet with your demands

Verse 1:
My fan support be like a cult
You're red riding hood and I'm the wolf
Y'don't like that so I flip you off
Now you're the wolf and I'm Alex Cross
I run a tighter ship than the skipper of the bluenose
I get more props than a model in pantyhose
Lyrically in the lane, you know I devour
Pulling out stops, like Johnny Bower
You can take shots, but I'll always deflect em
Even Brodeur had Stevens to protect him
I'm on my own, but I got fan support
Even more than Jose Theodore
At least before, he became a Rogaine ogre
I'm more like a Bobby Orr
Offensive Defensive and furthermore
The game is over if you knew the score

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
I'm pimpin in purple like John A MacDonald
I hold the Trump, but don't call me Donald
Back & Hips is what must get fondled
Ladies love me, so lingerie gets modeled
I work real hard, so I end up a winner
I'm so fly, toothbrush got a spinner
I solve problems harder than a revolver
It's not mathematics, but the way that I barter
I'm so real, I'm on the periodic table
In at slot 4 like my name was Abel.
I got magic like Mad Hatter's got tricks
Yeah, I'm Brockway biggs

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
I'm Hotter than matches on stolen cigs
Yeah. I'm Brockway Biggs
I got punch lines like Roberto Alomar
Spittin harder than over at Kandahar
I'm solid as water at absolute zero
Everyone be looking at me to be their hero
I'm no joke, so you can go and point the finger
Leave you broke, like you're the dead ringer
I can't deny I'm talkin about CSI
I'm not 3-6, but my fans know I'm fly
I got more hype than the dirty south,
So here's my in your mouth

Sunday, August 5, 2007

05 - Invisible (SOCAN 2005)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Sean One (Fredericton, NB)

Story Behind It:
Fire beat from Shiggy after I saved his computer (500+ viruses). As an artist, you can mix truths with lies, and listeners rarely know one from the other.

Verse 1:
I got a strong drive, like my family was the Schumachers
Shining kinda bright, so you gotta get some BluBlockers
they got some style & a great polarization
You can't see my reflection as I take over this nation
But I'm better at the business than Joseph Sugarman
Making big moves when you be rapping about stutterin
R&B ish, like who you hit, like you was Joe
I'll spike you on TV, and then I'll call you a schmo
Joe Schmo, get it? Nah, you're way too slow
Like the pace of vacationers located in Kokomo
Don't call me junior, unless you meant Al Unser
Or I'll take you out, like a buck, by a seasoned hunter
I'm so clever I can tell real leather from pleather
and whether the weather is really that sever
Huh Huh? What? I meant severe.
like when all around you is the storm, but still your eye is rather clear.
I hits it so ill that they think I got cancer.
They say why is that? And I give them no answer.

Chorus 4x:
Yeah it's just me, the emcee you'll never see
Invisible, Invincible, my words are Indivisible

Verse 2:
On the real, on the whole, I lack self-esteem
Always trying to change, like my name to pip team
Saying things that I'm not even sure that I mean
Kidding myself like an alcoholic daydream
That's it. the jokes is over
I realize there's no more four leaf clover
No more silly gimmicks - they're all long gone
Focus on writing the lyrics to a stronger song
And now, I'm down, upon my knees
Praying to God for answers like it Genesis.
Dear Lord please provide me with some guidance
In these tough times and changing of the climates
I don't know if I can make it through alone
But I have trust you have a path to me unknown

Chorus 4x

Verse 3:
Last verse based on reality, like tv with Donald Trump
I'm more dependable than a hitter like Robin Yount
It's true at times I tend to be a dreamer
shot down, brought down, like a misdemeanor
I'm locking the game down strong like Aaron Wade
The late night hype straight outta Milwaukee
Who woulda knew that Brockway B would be the lyrically mishievous
a lyricist ya just can't resist, or wait, you can, but still I persist.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

06 - Another Night (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Classified (Halifax, NS)

Story Behind It:
Verse 1 written in Oct 2005 on a night I was out with friends at Jester's Court. The other verses expose all my insecurities. We all have weaknesses, so face em and learn.

Chorus 4x:
Another night and I'm drunk
So I dance that dance

Verse 1:
I need some time to sit back and just relax
Everyone be talking all about them there facts
This and that, and that and this
And me fighting demons to avoid the abiss
I find myself alone sitting upon this bench
Drop vodka in my drink in the hope it'll quench
My loneliness, but I'm feelin introspective
The crowd's too loud, so I rearrange my perspective
A working guard suggests I move to the light
But here darkness dwells, it's more my type of fight
The sip burns, as things here they all be a dying
As fall yearns for the yellow & orange to be flying
A leaf hits my pads & rests upon my finger
A friend bikes by, but in the shadows I linger
Unseasonably warm, it's 20 degrees in October
I'm getting drunk, yeah, the summer's almost over.

Chorus 4x

Verse 2:
I'm feeling rather lonely, it's an emotion I can't hide
I ain't got no Bonnie, but on a mission like Clyde.
All this work that I do, it nearly drives me crazy.
Sometimes I think I do it just to hear people praise me.
Why's that? I don't know, but I think that I do.
Overworked, tired, lonely, and feeling a bit blue.
My stock is rising, at least that's what I keep saying
In the mean time, to God, I seem to find myself praying.
Get a job, get some braces, then the ladies'll love me
For the here, for the now, I'm just happy when they hug me
Been single for 3 years, the first year was on purpose
10 times Rejected, but you don't see that from the surface
I'm resiliant, some say brilliant, so I keep that stance
I'll find her, don't mind if it's a long trek like to France
So busy, forgive me, if I don't wait for a second glance
I just, have to trust, it's within God's plans

Chorus 4x

Verse 3:
I'm exploring the thought that I think that I'm boring
My heart's been hurt and it needs restoring
I'm so self-aware, that I worry I'm a burden
I worry so much, that my stomach be a churnin
Concerned that my actions be viewed as imposed
We've all known that person with them fancy clothes
Who talks a whole lot, but never knows
They're arrogant, selfish, a wilted rose
But, maybe I'm one in the same
Conceited blind, it'd be ashame
But I think this is simply a case
Of self-inspection no one should have to face
If there's one thing from this song you need to learn
It's that I'm not looking for your pity or your concern
It's that we all have weaknesses you can discern
It's a struggle, so face it; experience earned

07 - Your Vision (SOCAN 2005)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Hotbox (Moncton, NB)
Background vocals: Nicole Rushton

Story Behind It:
3 vantages points on sticking to your vision: (a) Support community (b) Nightly dreams are "fake myths like Seirenes cries." (c) My personal struggle with sticking to my vision. Written on Voodoo's couch in Halifax during a Universal Soul's video shoot.

Verse 1:
I saw a union member on a Broken Record
Sayin hip-hop's watered down like synthetic pepper
And that everyone wants to be some sorta rapper now
Puttin em down, like they're some sorta foreign clown.
What happened to positivity and supporting your own.
Turning your back on community is something I'd never condone.
So anyone who wants to be a rapper, I say try.
But don't get frozen in time like your name be Fry.
Cause the future-rama-fications could be intense
End up stuck whining about yourself in present tense.
So daughter & son, I say stick to your gun
Not literally, but in knowing that your vision is number one.

Chorus 4x:
Stick to your vision now
And don't let no one take you down

Verse 2:
It's hard to believe that we don't stay in touch
Considering how we shared so much tenderness
Now the only time I see you is when I dream
It happens weekly which is far too often for me
Affected, I wake up either sad or rather angry
I feel with my heart, so I dream passionately
It had to end, we broke our hearts, I'm ready to move
But all these dreams jab at my heart right at the break of dawn
Sometimes it's you at the club picking up guys
We say 'hi', but otherwise ignore cause its wise
You seem to be extra flirtatious in my eyes
But these dreams are fake myths like Seirenes cries

Chorus 4x:

Verse 3:
Now it's time to kick some truth like honestly
Some people get stuck and just don't catch onto me
I used to have so much fun back when I first started
I'd get up on stage & dance with my whole heart in
But now I feel slightly beaten & defeated
Like an old wrinkly shirt - forever I am pleated
This is rather hard cause I always try to stay positive
But I felt it was time to share with you my own prerogative.
So to everyone out there making music,
It can be a struggle, Just stay true to yourself.

Chorus 4x

09 - So Many Purposes feat Nicole Rushton (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Hotbox (Moncton, NB)

Story Behind It:
My friends David & Lacey invited me into their home for an alpha course. Their patience & understanding opened my heart to God.

Nicole Singing Intro 2x
If you're feeling the love, throw them L's on up

Verse 1:
I surrender. I am at your will
So many purposes in me you did instill
And still, all of them I work really hard to fulfill
While still being pleasant kinda like Camomile
Grant me patience for when egos collide
Grant me cadence for when I choose to rhyme
I go out of my way just to go for a walk
So that I can relax, and we can just have a talk

Chorus with Nicole 2x:
Nicole: If you're feelin the love.
Troy: In God I choose to Trust
Nicole: Throw them L's up
Troy: And in God I choose to trust
Nicole: Throw them L's up
Troy: yeah, in God I choose to trust

Verse 2:
He put me on this earth for a purpose
That aint something you can ever see from the surface
Avoid temptation to make the treat much sweeter
Cause in redemption, you won't feel the feeling of inferior
If you're sleeping around, but yet you're wearing his cross
It's clear that his words just didn't get across
True, Jesus died to redeem us from sin
But mean it when you ask for forgiveness from him
In hip-hop I see a lot of people that are struggling
But they'd rather blaze up than face what's troubling
I don't know what to do, but I feel like it's a rebellion
Yeah, I could start too, but I don't know what I'd just tell him

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
It's time to take notice and time to listen
That ice on your wrist don't mean nothing when it glisten
For me, what's important is family,
faith and money enough to act supportively
See I can't lessen the lesson you'll learn from confession
I don't mean just saying the words, I mean truly stressin
To God, that it's not, an action you intend again.
but still we all sin, yeah even the reverend.

And it's like that. Come on now, Come on.

Nicole Outro 4x:
If you're feeling the love, then throw them L's on up

10 - Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix) feat Prentiss Church & D.O. (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON), Prentiss Church (St. Louis, MO) & D.O. (Toronto, ON)
Beat by: Nevski (Charlottetown, PE)

Story Behind It:
Nevski was toying with this beat when Nelly's Pimp Juice reached out. Professir from Nelly's label & DO got down. The day it was finished, Gordie Johnson (of Big Sugar) phoned about using the chorus in a song.

Chorus 2x:
Shake Ya, Shake Ya,
Shake Ya Caboose, Caboose
Get Juiced, Get Juiced,
And just let Loose, let Loose

Brockway Biggs verse 1:
I like it when a girl wears skin tight pants
See a little thong upon 2nd glance
I like it when a big girl shakes it real hard
I know she be shakin it with all her heart
I like it when dude dances really right corny
Posers in the back, they truly do bore me
I like it when kids hop around real fresh
They got the hype, they aint' got no stress
At least that's the way it is in a perfect world
So everyone grab a drink and unfurl
For me it be pimp juice or pimp tea
Pimp juice be the one giving me the energy
To sip pimp tea be simply the sum
Of gingerale, vodka and coconut rum
I moved Ottawa hopin on the O-Train
Movin to the back, but I better refrain
From making all the girls shake their booty caboose
Or I'll be hunting game - Canadian goose

Chorus 2x

Prentiss Church Verse 2:
Say knick knack paddy whack baby can I handle that?
Straddle that, tackle that, woofle back, paddle that
thang Dang that thang is a round one,
loose like a pimp juice, flip it up down one
Booty gets tooted up, beat it back down right
yeah, let me hear you say yeah, if you're player like
Okay, now we're right back where we wanna be
Booty like swish it to the side back front of me
Yessir, Yessir train running booty at the end
Rump centre, bump centre and her rump is a ten time two,
how you expect for me to get around you
Squeeze through sideways back against the wall like...
The girly just made, oh sh-sh-sh..

Chorus 2x

DO Verse 3:
shorty come and get down
shake ya caboose
right down to the ground
make it go round and round
watch 'em go wild
with ya sexy style
ain't askin for a dance
all I'm askin for a chance
whatever the circumstance
shorty got so much ass...
it's about ready to fall out of her pants
And thats what I like..
Gettin down on the dance floor they entire night

11 - Canada Dry feat Nicole Rushton (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Kevin Sakoda (Brooklyn, NY)

Story Behind It:
I'm gluten-free & lactose-free, so I drink Gingerale.  An ode to Friday nights with Ducats at CKCU & a history lesson.

Chorus Nicole 2x:
It's Canada Dry On Friday Night
Mixin it up However you like

Now for a lesson in history
Used to be bottling soda was a mystery
But you see it was solved back in 1904
John McLaughlin took the soda water he sold in his store
And he mixed it up and came up with a concoction
Soon he had the neighbourhood up and talkin
There'd be no stoppin. No way it could derail
Soon would set sail the sale of his pale ale
Shippin to the states by 1919
There was no way anyone could undermine the
Sweet smooth taste home brew helped leverage
From Canada came tales of this wonderful beverage
I had to pay homage like a hundred years later
In the soda world, this here is the gator,
There's no debate here we got a lot of love
It's Canada Dry and ain't no one above.

Chorus 2x

Ha-HaHa-Woo interlude

It's Friday night, head out to Peaceful Journey,
The show's so deadly it'll leave you in a gurney
Battered and bruised, Ducats on the 1s and 2s
Always amused where Real stashed the booze
Diggin for nickels and dimes, but no pennies
That soda machine be looking oh so friendly
But I don't know why we just can't get along
Scan the selections oh that's just so wrong
They ain't got what I need and what I be cravin'
End up shootin it straight and misbehavin
Then I go out on a limb and check my bag
Thought the chances were slim, but look what I have
Three cans of gingerale piled up oh yeah.
Pass em around to get drunk up oh yeah.
Pop Tsh Pop Tsh Pop Tsh Ahh
Rye or Whiskey, but my favorite's vodka
It's a quarter to nine we're getting into the mix
Emcees bustin rhymes and smokin them sticks
I took the bus so that I could get my fix
Loving life.  Everything just clicks

Chorus 2x

12 - Uhhh feat J-Bru & Boz Faramone (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON), J-Bru (Halifax, NS) & Boz Faramone (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Nevski (Charlottetown, PE)

Story Behind It:
I loved the beat. The "Uhhh" sample inspired ideas like Black Rob's "Whoa" or Rhymefest's "Brand New." Two of my favourite upcoming Canadian rap emcees answered my call for guest verses.

Chorus 1x
Brockway Biggs
This is for the ladies getting low like
This is for the guys with a blow like
This is for the cats in the back and those rap up on this track with..
This is for the ladies getting low like
This is for the brothas makin dough like
This is for the cats whose raps are wack sounding just like

Brockway Biggs verse 1:
I dig a girl swinging rackets with that..
Batters swinging and missing every at bat..
For every pitch I ever delivered just to get that K,
You know there had to be a ...
This is for stone masons shinnin' with
This is for the vendors peddlin it
This is for the tribes hittin that drum seein them dance with all that
Now you had to know it was gonna happen eventually
Pimp Tea, Brockway B, movin on up steadily
Creepin up the baseline, leavin ya all inclined, to align my rhyme in mind
To all the diamond miners who ain't legit
To all the parents who don't support their kid
Like to take you out back, behind the shed, give yall a smack and a kick in the head


J-Bru Verse:
You wanna know the reason that Bru don't get played, it's cause
All these thugs keep stepping in the name of love
Nobody wants real music I can face it but
I'm a still make real heads raise it up
If you come to my show you know the bass is pumped
While my boys outside bout to blaze a blunt
And when I step on stage it ain't my place to stunt
I'm here to educate the educated, Jay's the one
Get my money, shit I hate to run
These drunk bitches getting on my nerves 8-to-1
So I call Brockway tell him face it son
"These hoes'll never ever catch me I'm outracing em"
Modern day Malcolm X nigga raise your gun
My weapon is my words, check out how I play with puns
Play's begun, everything I say is for fun
Except I'll never stop rapin till the fakes are done


Boz Faramone Verse 3:
Can I get a minute to spark this?
Yes you guessed it right I'm the Bunker Boy artist,
Grew over the years because my working's the hardest,
Still relevant today cause my tactic's is flawless.
I do this for the kids, to the convicts,
Ain't no way in hell I'ma let you come take this,
My love for the music that is.
Bump this inside of the Rideau Centre, Bayshore Mall, or in your mama's crib.
Got the ingredients and we bakin',
A lil' somethin for the monsters out on the road,
The more cash, the heavier the load.
Customer service fit to explode
Can't do nuttin' but follow the code.
I'm a hustler, I was born with it.
The mind to stack cake, ain't nuttin new to it.
Pimp Tea and B-O-Z our fantasy is ludacris
If you got hot girls and 2 mil you can lend to us


14 - Over Load feat Colin Whyte (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON), Colin Whyte (Toronto, ON)
Beat by: Colin Whyte (Toronto, ON)

Story Behind It:
I know all about being overloaded. This family affair spawned one of my favourite verses on the album.

Colin Verse 1:
Look at this. I never expected
I would make it this far. Many times rejected,
but you gotta stand up. Put your hands up.
Show the world love, cause it's never enough.
And you don't know what you're gonna be
when you look back at childhood daydreams
I was playin in the yard, wishin on a star,
Singin in the car, Practicin guitar.
And baby, maybe,
we'll get crazy
Are you feelin good?
So let's rock 'em like we said we would.

Chorus Colin 1x:
It's overload.
No one can stop us now.
Lose control.
Don't let them hold you down.
No one can stop us now.
Lose control
No one can hold you down.

Troy Verse 2:
I'm trying to control everything on my plate
Leading to a massive attack. Inner debate.
Over what's number one, what's my priority.
It seems everyone, be seeking my authority
So I turn off my cellphone, no msn
I'm trying to take time to just chill with my friends
The emails pile up and are awaiting answer
Physically fit, but I'm fighting this cancer
What's the chance you're in this for yourself.
I fight for community, for me that's wealth
In spite of stealth, my experience shows
Just tryin to maintain as my plate overloads

Chorus 1x

Troy Verse 3:
Why must I always ensure I've got the facts
Why do I over exert, never relax
It seems to me that the way that we live
Is ultimately rather prohibitive
I've got walls on all four sides,
Blind but think I've got foresights
The heights I reach for, I can't attain
My brain's on all fours, my lifelines drain
I use my computer trying to maintain
I've got a roof and food, so why complain
Step back, re-evaluate
I hate that, no, no, wait
I gotta find a way to so I can think clearer
I've gotta get away from this vicious mirror
Here here Cheer Cheer
Oh Oh Dear Dear
It seems I'm back in my repetitive mode
But what do you expect when my circuits overload

Chorus 2x

Friday, August 3, 2007

15 - Super Dude Envy feat Superfluous Garth (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON) & hate mailers listed below.
Beat by: Hotbox (Moncton, NB)

Story Behind It:
Criticism & hate are a reality of this industry. My good friend interpreted some of my hate mail. Sometimes the best remedy in life is laughter.

Chorus 1x:
Haters got that super dude envy
It's a sad tendency
Haters got that super dude envy
Rooted heavily in jealousy
Haters got that super dude envy
And it's spreading dangerously
Haters got that they got they that got that super dude super dude envy yeah

Verse 1:
** Jason W
Your flow offends me to the course of my being. I can't deny it.
I could out-rap you while I'm drunk and I'm peeing. Why don't you try it
You make Vanilla Ice look like an Eminem. Damn!
You got no rhymes, no rhythm, and no connection. Ouch.

Chorus 1x

Verse 2
** Louis de V
You fucka. You don't even know what it's like.
You should die you fuckin bastard.
Ja Rule is cooler than you.
I hate your music. I hate your face. I hate your car.
I hate your hairy girls, your stupid hairy pink dick,
your shirt, your friends, your hair, all of it.
You suck okay. You suck.

** Alexia P
Are you fucking kidding or what.
You're the worstest guy I've ever seen in my entire life
Can you send me a t-shirt, I'm your number 1 fan!

Chorus 1x

Verse 3
** originoo
In my life, I've saw many fagget, but one like you, it's the first time.
I wanted to let you know that the rap game is not for little piece of shit like you.
You should do something about your teeth man, you no dawg.
Your lyrics are so bad that my granny could do better.
I don't know if you noticed, but in rap video they are supposed be nice bitch.
But in your video, your bitch are so fat.
One last thing, you should change your style. I'm not the only one to think that.
In fact your video pass at MusiquePlus in Canada on a show that diss worst video
and worst artist. Good luck. Peace man. Aight.
Chorus 1x

Verse 4:
** Adam
Honestly, here's some advice.
Just because being a rapper is cool doesn't mean everyone has to do it.
I think being an open heart surgeon is cool, but I can't fuckin operate
so I'm not going to be a doctor. Trust me, never record again.

** Mark R
Dude, you're just sad. Seriously, do you frequently get your ass kicked
by random people who meet you on the street.
I will say good day to you sir.

Chorus 1x

Verse 5:
** Fritz K
Hey Pimp T, you're a fucking loser.
I could care less if you get hit by a bus
you fucking crackhead fuck.
Now fuck off before I really get pissed and virus your ass
You suck. So does hip-hop. Die.

Chorus 1x

Verse 6
** Elias L
Hey. I just listened to your theme song and here are my thoughts.
Have you ever considered suicide. I think you should.
This is probably the best piece of advice anyone will give you.
If I'm in my car and I see you on the street, I won't brake.
I'll hit you. Then I'll back up again, and make sure you're dead.
Then I'll give you a side kick to the neck. Sucka.

hahahaha. You Suck. You Suck. You Suck. You Suck. You Suck. You Suck.

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