Sunday, August 5, 2007

05 - Invisible (SOCAN 2005)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Sean One (Fredericton, NB)

Story Behind It:
Fire beat from Shiggy after I saved his computer (500+ viruses). As an artist, you can mix truths with lies, and listeners rarely know one from the other.

Verse 1:
I got a strong drive, like my family was the Schumachers
Shining kinda bright, so you gotta get some BluBlockers
they got some style & a great polarization
You can't see my reflection as I take over this nation
But I'm better at the business than Joseph Sugarman
Making big moves when you be rapping about stutterin
R&B ish, like who you hit, like you was Joe
I'll spike you on TV, and then I'll call you a schmo
Joe Schmo, get it? Nah, you're way too slow
Like the pace of vacationers located in Kokomo
Don't call me junior, unless you meant Al Unser
Or I'll take you out, like a buck, by a seasoned hunter
I'm so clever I can tell real leather from pleather
and whether the weather is really that sever
Huh Huh? What? I meant severe.
like when all around you is the storm, but still your eye is rather clear.
I hits it so ill that they think I got cancer.
They say why is that? And I give them no answer.

Chorus 4x:
Yeah it's just me, the emcee you'll never see
Invisible, Invincible, my words are Indivisible

Verse 2:
On the real, on the whole, I lack self-esteem
Always trying to change, like my name to pip team
Saying things that I'm not even sure that I mean
Kidding myself like an alcoholic daydream
That's it. the jokes is over
I realize there's no more four leaf clover
No more silly gimmicks - they're all long gone
Focus on writing the lyrics to a stronger song
And now, I'm down, upon my knees
Praying to God for answers like it Genesis.
Dear Lord please provide me with some guidance
In these tough times and changing of the climates
I don't know if I can make it through alone
But I have trust you have a path to me unknown

Chorus 4x

Verse 3:
Last verse based on reality, like tv with Donald Trump
I'm more dependable than a hitter like Robin Yount
It's true at times I tend to be a dreamer
shot down, brought down, like a misdemeanor
I'm locking the game down strong like Aaron Wade
The late night hype straight outta Milwaukee
Who woulda knew that Brockway B would be the lyrically mishievous
a lyricist ya just can't resist, or wait, you can, but still I persist.


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