Saturday, August 4, 2007

06 - Another Night (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Classified (Halifax, NS)

Story Behind It:
Verse 1 written in Oct 2005 on a night I was out with friends at Jester's Court. The other verses expose all my insecurities. We all have weaknesses, so face em and learn.

Chorus 4x:
Another night and I'm drunk
So I dance that dance

Verse 1:
I need some time to sit back and just relax
Everyone be talking all about them there facts
This and that, and that and this
And me fighting demons to avoid the abiss
I find myself alone sitting upon this bench
Drop vodka in my drink in the hope it'll quench
My loneliness, but I'm feelin introspective
The crowd's too loud, so I rearrange my perspective
A working guard suggests I move to the light
But here darkness dwells, it's more my type of fight
The sip burns, as things here they all be a dying
As fall yearns for the yellow & orange to be flying
A leaf hits my pads & rests upon my finger
A friend bikes by, but in the shadows I linger
Unseasonably warm, it's 20 degrees in October
I'm getting drunk, yeah, the summer's almost over.

Chorus 4x

Verse 2:
I'm feeling rather lonely, it's an emotion I can't hide
I ain't got no Bonnie, but on a mission like Clyde.
All this work that I do, it nearly drives me crazy.
Sometimes I think I do it just to hear people praise me.
Why's that? I don't know, but I think that I do.
Overworked, tired, lonely, and feeling a bit blue.
My stock is rising, at least that's what I keep saying
In the mean time, to God, I seem to find myself praying.
Get a job, get some braces, then the ladies'll love me
For the here, for the now, I'm just happy when they hug me
Been single for 3 years, the first year was on purpose
10 times Rejected, but you don't see that from the surface
I'm resiliant, some say brilliant, so I keep that stance
I'll find her, don't mind if it's a long trek like to France
So busy, forgive me, if I don't wait for a second glance
I just, have to trust, it's within God's plans

Chorus 4x

Verse 3:
I'm exploring the thought that I think that I'm boring
My heart's been hurt and it needs restoring
I'm so self-aware, that I worry I'm a burden
I worry so much, that my stomach be a churnin
Concerned that my actions be viewed as imposed
We've all known that person with them fancy clothes
Who talks a whole lot, but never knows
They're arrogant, selfish, a wilted rose
But, maybe I'm one in the same
Conceited blind, it'd be ashame
But I think this is simply a case
Of self-inspection no one should have to face
If there's one thing from this song you need to learn
It's that I'm not looking for your pity or your concern
It's that we all have weaknesses you can discern
It's a struggle, so face it; experience earned


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