Wednesday, August 8, 2007

03 - Pinch Hitter (SOCAN 2005)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Sean One (Fredericton, NB)

Story Behind it: 
Written in 2005 after my beloved Red Sox won the World Series, I won an ECMA, and I started my marketing-and-promotion company.  Shiggy came with the beat.  This originally went on Loc Dog’s 40s & 9s compilation.  In Loc Dog's studio, I was struggling with the words in my chorus, then Mick D stepped up with a suggestion that stuck.

Verse 1:
While you're stuck sitting at home being rather bitter
I'm hitting a home run yeah as the pinch hitter
Cause I was never pegged to be no superstar
But I come through in the clutch, unlike Nomar
So far, I'm not sad to say that you got traded
Bitter with envy, so you know that you got hated
And I'm elated at the faces who done seen me through
a WS, an ECMA, can you add 2 + 2.
Yeah, it's been a good year as a Red Sox fan
And doing my pimping thing riding my mom's mini-van
I'm doin publicity now, oh have you heard,
Poppin off with Skratch Bastid and Grafenberg
Sean One, Jorun and of course First Words
#5 on Chart Attack, now that's absurd
And Hand Solo be burgling all them words
While Cock Dynamics has Buck's vision blurred.
And of course I be steppin with a touch of Class
I do it all for the love, why even bother to ask?

Chorus 2x:
In everything that I do, the people be like...
And everywhere that I go, the people be like...
In everything that I do, the people be like...
The people be like, the people be like...

Verse 2:
I'm on cloud nine like the 04 Red Sox
Won the world series, smooth like botox
Like myself overcomin the biggest of odds
The haters flapping their arms just like A-Rods
Changing the game, by knocking some balls loose
If that's the game, I'd just rather shake my caboose
Cause I don't wanna fall off just like Choclair,
Not trying to diss, but they just weren't prepared.
He was my idol
Right now everyone be wanting a piece of me
Like the guy who won 70 times on jeopardy
But I'm not one known to spread myself out too thin
Or I might end up like 50 said on 'Many Many Men'
I'd rather enrich, than try to get rich
Forget dying, positivity be my pitch
While you're keeping it real, I'm busy bein' myself
Cause in the end, that's wherein lies the wealth

Chorus 2x

In Everything I do
And Everywhere I go
Oh, Oh


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