Monday, August 6, 2007

04 - Clap Your Hands (SOCAN 2007)

Lyrics: Brockway Biggs (Ottawa, ON)
Beat by: Rob Banks (Charlottetown, PE)

Story Behind It:
I've gotten tired of dealing with lazy & bitter people. So this is a cocky, in your face, battle-laced song.
I had this chorus in my head since 2005 - actually it was spawned during a train trip to Toronto on my way to the Urban Music Association of Canada awards show (where I was nominated)... when I shared it with my brother & Art upon arriving at the train station, they both gave me weird looks like I was crazy... haha... but when Rob Banks hit me with this beat it worked perfect, so now yall know.

Chorus 2x:
If you're lazy & your bitter, clap your hands
If you're lazy & your bitter, clap your hands
If you're lazy & your bitter, and you need a babysitter,
don't call me up to meet with your demands

Verse 1:
My fan support be like a cult
You're red riding hood and I'm the wolf
Y'don't like that so I flip you off
Now you're the wolf and I'm Alex Cross
I run a tighter ship than the skipper of the bluenose
I get more props than a model in pantyhose
Lyrically in the lane, you know I devour
Pulling out stops, like Johnny Bower
You can take shots, but I'll always deflect em
Even Brodeur had Stevens to protect him
I'm on my own, but I got fan support
Even more than Jose Theodore
At least before, he became a Rogaine ogre
I'm more like a Bobby Orr
Offensive Defensive and furthermore
The game is over if you knew the score

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
I'm pimpin in purple like John A MacDonald
I hold the Trump, but don't call me Donald
Back & Hips is what must get fondled
Ladies love me, so lingerie gets modeled
I work real hard, so I end up a winner
I'm so fly, toothbrush got a spinner
I solve problems harder than a revolver
It's not mathematics, but the way that I barter
I'm so real, I'm on the periodic table
In at slot 4 like my name was Abel.
I got magic like Mad Hatter's got tricks
Yeah, I'm Brockway biggs

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
I'm Hotter than matches on stolen cigs
Yeah. I'm Brockway Biggs
I got punch lines like Roberto Alomar
Spittin harder than over at Kandahar
I'm solid as water at absolute zero
Everyone be looking at me to be their hero
I'm no joke, so you can go and point the finger
Leave you broke, like you're the dead ringer
I can't deny I'm talkin about CSI
I'm not 3-6, but my fans know I'm fly
I got more hype than the dirty south,
So here's my in your mouth


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